You only live once

You only live once, take a balloon ride and love it.

We are truly lucky here at Wine Country Ballooning. We get to do what we love and we are lucky enough to see a lot of “firsts”.

Every week we are lucky enough to see the amazement as people see a balloon inflated for the first time, watch as people look on in disbelief at the size of these fantastic aircraft. We take people for their first balloon ride and some times we are lucky enough to take people into the air for the first time.¬† It is always a joy to show people our valley from the air for the first time – locals and visitors alike. See the Hunter Valley from this privileged perspective ¬†gives a real sense of place for the area. Looking towards the mines in the distance and the ever changing valley below us. You don’t need to be an adventurer to fall in love with ballooning, you just need an adventurous heart.

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