What’s the biggest buzz you get from being a Hot Air Balloon Pilot?

After 15 years ballooning in the Hunter Valley,  do you still enjoy it?

A question our owner/Chief Pilot often gets asked, the answer is always the same “No..I love it!”

“I enjoy the challenge of flying a balloon in the Hunter and the physical side of controlling these massive aircraft.  The valley I fell in love with from my first flight here, the mountains surrounding us, the contrast between flying over Cessnock and the Vineyards but the one part of my job that give more pleasure and satisfaction than any other has to be the interaction with our guests.  I’m hooked on ballooning and there is nothing better than sharing what you love doing. Seeing peoples faces as the balloon is inflated, the anticipation as we ready for take off and often the relief when we are in the air. People are amazed at how calming ballooning can be and the peacefulness of just drifting over the valley in a hot air balloon.

Flying just small balloons and never more than one balloon a day means we are lucky enough to get to know our guests, find out about them and generally enjoy our morning in a relaxed informal setting. It can only be described as like flying a bunch of your mates each morning.


happy balloon passenger