Rain and Mud means dirty trucks

Lots of rain leads to lots of mud for the Hunter valley

The rain we have had over the last few weeks has led to a few extra challenges.  We have lots of take off and landing sites around the hunter valley. Each morning before we meet our passengers we decide which launch site to use.  Normally it is a simple choice of which one will give us the best flight path for the balloon ride with the wind direction we have for the day. Recently other factors have come into consideration. Which one will be dry, which one will be the easiest to get the balloon and passengers to causing the least amount of damage to farmers paddock. Landing is no different. Landing on the top of a hill or a car park are all good this time of the year. Well drained soil or bitumen make it easy to get the hot air balloon and the passengers back to breakfast with the minimum fuss.  Regardless of all our best efforts, there is a reason why we have a very capable 4wd operated by competent and experienced crew.   Your going to get stuck one day. Oversize tyres, winch, snatch straps and portable “tracks” all help but the inevitable is only around the corner!


If we could just find a way of negotiating the somewhat boggy hunter valley with out getting the truck dirty we could save a lot of time after the flight. Still we have got some fairly cheap young balloonist always ready to lend a hand


truck wash