New brand for a new balloon

Your very own branded hot air balloon flying over the Hunter Valley

For less than the price of a newspaper ad you can have your own balloon flying over the Hunter Valley!

Wine Country Ballooning fly exclusively over the Hunter Valley.  In 2011 we had the first balloon in the Hunter Valley to display the message of a great charity..Cancer Council NSW.  They have been thrilled with the exposure the balloon offers during our regular charter work and also the host of other opportunities that have arisen as a result of the balloon.

Wine Country Ballooning is now looking for a second branded balloon This balloon will fly nearly every weekend and often during the week as well.

What is in a balloon setup?

Bottom End.  This is everything below the actual balloon. It consists of the basket, burners and gas tanks.  We provide this to fly your balloon.  There is no branding on these pieces of equipment so why would you want to spend money on them? Our new basket has a double T partition and 4 burners making it capable of lifting greater loads with ease. DCIM100DRIFT
Truck, Trailer and Insurance.  Again this is supplied by us at no charge to you.  The balloon will be transported on a custom made trailer and there is the opportunity to brand the trailer at cost.  The 4WD and insurance is coverd by Wine Country Ballooning. Our insurance company will underwrite all risks and negotiate with you as required.  IMG_7354
The Balloon.  This is yours.  It must be the “standard” balloon shape but colour and design are up to you. The sky is the limit. Bubble jet printing now allows for fantastic designs and vibrant fabrics will bring the balloon to life. You can share the design with a brand on each side. If you promote your charity then the whole cost of the balloon can be a write-off.  The options are endless.  cc logo


Call us to ask more

The cost of this is much less than you think.  Over the life of the balloon it works out less than a road side sign and a lot more fun!

air force balloon chemist balloon

credit union balloon

prime balloon

debortilis balloon