Hunter Valley gets a good soaking

Hunter Valley gets a good soaking before the weekend.

Cessnock Airport has recorded constant rain for the last 12 hours.  Following the good rains in February, the valley is already looking great from the air and this follow up rain will keep the landscape looking fantastic for weeks to come.  Not so good for your hot air ballooning trip.  Flights were cancelled yesterday and today but we are hopeful of some great weather over the weekend to go hot air ballooning.

Although balloons can fly in the rain, we do not. After paying a lot of money for a great experience the rain restricts visibility and as one of our crew guys puts it “the top of the balloon is like an umbrella, but the bottom is like a funnel and you know what’s at the bottom of the funnel….passengers!”


Ballooning in the rain

no good for ballooning