Hot Air Ballooning And Your Health

Are you physically able to fly in a Hot air balloon?

We fly people aged 7 – 97.  Age is not a factor but there is a physical element involved with hot air ballooning.  Can you:

  • Stand for one hour unassisted?
  • Climb into a basket that is 120cm high?
  • Use your knees as shock absorbers for the landing (like jumping off a small chair)?


The Civil Avaition Saftey Authority (CASA) will not allow us to fly “Handicapped Persons” which they define as a person needing additional assistance.  This is as all passengers need to be able to evacuate the basket unaided.


In-keeping with this regulation we have flown in the past a person with one leg.  He was as able to meet the demands of ballooning as well as anyone and was considerably fitter and more agile than most others in the basket.

We do not fly pregnant ladies or people recovering from a major operation.

All passengers are asked to sign a release of liability and medical check before the flight.

If you have any concerns, please give us a call before booking.