hot air ballooning and your health

A ride in a hot air balloon is not like a plane ride!

Most people aged from 7 to 70 can fly in a hot air balloon without any trouble. You need to climb into the balloon basket and stand unaided for 1 hour. We can not fly children under 7 years old as we can not legally transport them in our 4wd as it has side facing seats. The RTA states that children under 7 are not permitted to travel in this configuration. As long as you can enter and exit the basket without assistance you will probably be OK.  The way the rules are written if you have one leg or one arm but can get in and out OK then we can fly you.  

You need to climb into the basket

The basket stands 120cm tall with a foot hold at the end. Passengers are to place one foot in the foothold and lift their body over the basket, taking all your weight on one leg as you enter the aircraft.

You need to climb out.

CASA, the Government body who regulate ballooning insist that all passengers can evacuate the aircraft unaided in an emergency. So if you can’t climb in and out unassisted, we legally cannot allow you to fly.

You need be able to absorb a small impact.

Landing in a balloon is similar to jumping off a small chair. As you land you need to bend your knees and absorb the impact. There are no seats on board. Recent knee or hip replacements can be problematic. All passengers must: be able to understand  and follow instructions from the pilot and crew,

Medical Check

We can not fly ladies who are more than 12 weeks pregnant or people who are recovering from a major operation. We will ask you to sign a document before you fly stating that you understand this. It all sounds very serious and it really is. Keeping you safe and looking after you during your flight is our top priority. If you have any doubts please call the pilot before booking to have a chat, we can normally work something out. Your doctor can also offer some great advice, please ask.