Flying with the clouds

Cloudy morning flying the hunter valley in a balloon

Everybody thinks of the picture postcard balloon flight with blue sky and yellow sun. Days like that do make for great flying conditions but not always the best.  After nearly 15 years of flying here in the Hunter Valley we reckon the days with a bit of cloud about are the best.  It is worth noting that no balloons are legally allowed to fly through cloud, and operating close to a small airport as we do, this practice is of course to be avoided.


Today was the perfect example of how beautiful our Hunter Valley can be when there is a little cloud about.  The valley forms a thousand shades of green and the shadows on the landscape add to the drama of the perfect morning’s ballooning.  If you would like to join us on our next balloon adventure above the Hunter Valley, why not call the office today. 1300 80 70 24


Tuesdays balloon ride

Tuesday’s balloon flight above the Hunter Valley vineyards