Flying in the Broke Valley

Must be winter time again, we are off flying in the Broke Valley.

The small town of Broke is just 15 minutes from the heart of Pokolbin. Resting in the valley below the Broken Back Ranges, Broke has a climate all of its own. This morning the Pokolbin valley was a warm 17 degrees with 15 knots of wind which is no good for ballooning. However after a ten minute ride in the 4wd we are in the Broke Valley and things are very different.  There is a little low level fog and the temperature is noticeably cooler. We set off a small helium balloon to test the wind and to the delight of all the passengers and pilot the winds are nice and calm.  Within the hour we are up in the skies above the unique Broke landscape. From the balloon you can see vineyards and mountains to the right and unspoiled countryside, but to the left the open cut mines can be seen stretching into the upper Hunter as well as the huge cooling towers of the Bayswater Power Station.

All in all a great morning of flying in the Hunter Valley…