Flight cancelled Saturday – Happy passengers!

How can you still be a happy balloon passenger when your balloon flight is cancelled?

Doesn’t sound right does it? You look forward to the experience of a lifetime, a balloon ride over the fantastic Hunter Valley and then the night before the pilot tells you he is not going because the weather is no good. Our pilot has been flying here for 15 years and has learnt a thing or two about the weather.  We assure you if the weather conditions are such that he does not want to be up there, then you definitely don’t want to be up there. Our pilots are motivated to fly, it’s how we earn our money and it’s what we love doing. There are days however when you have to listen to mother nature and stay on the ground, or even better – in bed.

So, how can this make for happy passengers? Simple, if we don’t fly, we don’t charge. If you have a flight ticket bought directly from us we will be more than pleased to refund the full amount – no admin fees apply. It’s bad enough being disappointed, but it’s even worse when you don’t get a refund.  When you book your ballooning adventure always bear this in mind especially if you are coming from a long way away or overseas.

If you really want to go ballooning, you will one day. If the weather is not good today come back another day and have a great flight. If you are travelling, have your money back and enjoy what else the Hunter Valley has to offer, ballooning can wait until the next time you are here or anywhere else that takes your fancy.