Come ballooning, lose weight and get fit!

Hot air ballooning with Wine Country Ballooning can help you lose weight

Only as part of a calorie controlled diet……

Our Chief Pilot has a degree in Sport Science and too much time on his hands this afternoon.  He has calculated if a 100kg passenger was to actively help in the inflation of the balloon and the packing away that passenger could burn as many as 391 calories.

Not many people come to the Hunter Valley with the intention of losing weight, it is more of an indulgence into our great wine and produce. However come ballooning and get thin.  Can you believe the news gets even better.  Have a glass of champagne after your flight and you are 10 calories better off than drinking a glass of red.

If you haven’t booked your flight with Wine Country Ballooning yet, you need to do so soon, do it for your heart!!

The only question we still can’t find the answer to yet in the office is why is the pilot overweight? Too many buffet breakfasts we think….