Winds in the valley last weekend were no good for ballooning

Ballooning requires calm winds or a gentle breeze at best. Last weekend was the wildest and coldest weekend we have had since last winter. Overnight temperatures dropped to a very chilly 6 degrees and the wind blew hard from Friday morning until today.

The only good news for the weekend is that the weather forecast saw it coming so our passengers had plenty of time to change their plans, cancel accommodation and save their money for another day. It is fairly rare for our pilot to be given a weekend off so with all our passengers cancelled and the forecast of cold nights and high wind there was only one thing to do. A weekend camping in the Barrington tops hoping it would snow. The Barrington tops is the only place around the Hunter Valley that ever gets any snow. Reports back were that is was cold, really cold but no snow.



Pilot holidays over now for until we get some more lousy weather and back to the flying. We have 2 spaces left on Saturday and Sunday this week and spots everyday during the week


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