3 of the best days ballooning in the Hunter Valley this year

Ballooning in the Hunter Valley doesn’t get any better.

Without a doubt the Hunter Valley has turned it on this last week. Three of the best balloon flights I have had over the valley have been in the last week.  Flying here for over three decades now and 2000+ flights I think I can say with some authority “The Hunter Valley has never looked better”  Recent rain has brought the valley to life after such a dry spell. The dams are full again and the paddocks have never been greener.  The vines although mainly without their grapes on now are still vibrant and green with plenty of leaves still on the vines.

Blue skies and light winds have made conditions perfect for ballooning and as we move away from summer the need to get out of bed so early is passing with a much more respectable meeting time of 6am.  You don’t need to take my word for this perfect start to March, the picture below taken this week will say it all.

Ballooning in march